Shingle Color

Shingle Color Selection

Picking out the right shingle color for your roof can be a tough decision. There are so many different shingle colors to choose from. It’s important to think about your home as a whole before making your choice. Some shingles may look great in the hardware store or online, but when you hold them next to your home, it’s a different story. If you find yourself in this position ever, you can always look around the neighborhood, or ask a roofer for their recommendations.

Shingle Color

It’s also important to check with your HOA, if you have one. They may only allow certain colors or color combinations. HOAs can be very restrictive, and if you don’t check with them first, you could end up making a serious financial mistake. Those of you who do not live in a neighborhood with an HOA do not have to worry about this step.

What is a shingle?

First, let’s start out with the basics: What is a shingle? The traditional shingle is made from asphalt core covered with a gritty texture commonly referred to as sand. They’re placed in rows on your roof that overlap, which allows water to flow off of them while keeping the roof deck material dry.

Shingles are popular in part because they come in a wide variety of colors and textures, making them an ideal choice for customizing the look of your home. Shingles are extremely popular because they are one of the cheapest roofing materials, and they last longer and need less upkeep. There are a variety of different types of shingles available to suit a range of home styles and budgets. From classic asphalt shingles to more modern, eco-friendly materials, there is a shingle to fit every roof.

Benefits of choosing the right shingle color

Choosing the right shingle color is more than just deciding what looks good to you. The color of your shingles can affect the overall look of your home, as well as how long they last. The color of your shingles can be a large factor in how long they last by protecting them from extreme weather conditions. Darker shingle colors tend to hold up better against UV damage than lighter colors. The color of your shingles can also affect the energy efficiency of your home. Darker shingle colors tend to be more energy efficient than lighter colors. Choosing the right shingle color can also make your roof more durable. Sun damage and fading can be worse on lighter-colored shingles, which can speed up the roof’s deterioration.

Popular shingle colors

Shingles come in just about every color imaginable, but the majority of them fall into the muted color spectrum. There are hundreds of brown colored shingles, as brown, and it’s many variations, make up the majority of the shingle market. You’ll find colors like “weathered wood“, “golden cedar” and “driftwood” just about everywhere. Some of the browns even stretch into the red spectrum, like “sunset brick”.

The next most popular color is the grays and blacks. Although you can find a true black color like “onyx“, most homeowners choose a more grayish tone like “charcoal”, “pewter”, or the the very light gray “birchwood”. Between the black and brown shingles, most consumers tend to pick one or the other from these categories. You can certainly find other colors, like those in the white or green spectrum, but they have fallen out of style in recent years and we’re not going to cover them here.

Whatever you decide, make sure that it matches your home color, and always check with your HOA if you have one.

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