5 Different Ways to Keep your home cooler


It seems like Grandma is always happy to tell you how nice the weather is where she lives. It’s perfect all winter, and she can’t believe anyone would want to live elsewhere. That is, at least during the winter months. 

Once summer arrives and their air conditioning systems struggle to keep a reasonable temperature, they aren’t as eager to blab about how much they love living in the south. 

You could blame the ancient AC system for your home’s excessive air temps, but in reality, you may want to look at your roof instead. Using roofing products that cool your home  may improve your comfort.

We have a list of 5 ways that roofing may help you save energy in your house.

Roof Replacement

The first thing you can do to lower your energy use is to check that your roofing material is not deteriorating. A correctly built roof will provide a seal that doesn’t let air escape and will keep hot air out of your home. Furthermore, professional roof repairs will enhance the aesthetic of your property and aid with leak prevention.

Insulation for Roofing

One of the easiest methods to save cash on heating expenditures during the winter is to add more roof insulation to the current level. Insulation forms a space between the roof and the attic and keeps  heat from escaping.

Furthermore, rooftop insulation is beneficial during the summer since it prevents hot air from entering your home.

The DOE, or Department of Energy, may even compensate you for your cool roof endeavor in some situations. If you’d like to learn more about rebates, savings, and possible tax credits, go to Energy.gov.

Color of the Roof

If you live in a hot area, the first locations to overheat is your roof. After all, you’re continuously fighting against direct sunshine, which raises the surface temperature of your roof.

Dark colors absorb more heat, as you presumably learnt in 3rd grade science class. So it makes sense to use that basic knowledge of absorption of heat when selecting the color of your roofing materials.

Because a white roof surface reflects light, it has been demonstrated to cut air conditioning prices by up to 40% in hot climate areas. Although a light colored roof may not seem appealing, there’s many cool roof choices that are both attractive and energy-efficient.

Pitch of the Roof

A roof with a steep-slope will outlast a flat roof and require less care. Furthermore, the steeper the pitch of the roof, the less heat will reach your house, improving its energy efficiency. A roofing professional can advise you on the appropriate roof pitch for your needs.

Roof Coatings That Keep your Roof Cool

Cool Coatings are sealants that are usually liquid and are applied to the roof’s surface. It aids in the reflection of sunlight and the retention of heat, resulting in cheaper energy expenses.

Coatings come in a variety of forms, including elastomeric reflective, silicone and several newer forms. Both of these methods will lower the quantity of heat absorbed. Make sure you consult with your local roofing contractor about the ideal option for you!

Contact Bell County Roofing if you’re worried about how much energy you’re using and want to discover ways to reduce costs. We are pleased to explain how steeper roofs, more insulation, and other ideas can keep your roof cooler and save you money. 

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